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Have you ever found yourself feeling “dead”, with zero energy to get motivated in your day to day life? Do you get sick on and off, not finding a permanent solution to your physical issues?

Many of us do! Teami Alive helps give your body the boost in nutrients and vitamins that it needs to heal itself, therefore ridding you of the “sluggish, dead feeling” that seems to consume your days.

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Teami Alive helps give your body the boost of nutrients and vitamins it needs to heal, thereby freeing you from the “feeling of slowness and death” that seems to consume your days. ┬áTeami Alive was developed with 3 main ingredients to directly address your body problems, and solve them! The unique and delicious combination of ginger honey – lemon grass – green tea can help with:


  • Elimination of chronic exhaustion
  • Increasing Metabolism
  • Greater concentration and concentration
  • Increased energy levels
  • Relieve muscle pain and inflammation
  • Purification of the colon
  • Increased blood circulation that improves the complexion of the skin
  • Detoxification of the kidney and liver
  • Migraine reduction
  • Relieve the discomfort of stomach cramps
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