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    • Teami MATCHA

      $ 29.99 $ 20.99

      The latest health movement has arrived and it comes in a form of a vibrant green tea powder called Matcha! The Teami MATCHA is an Organic, USDA Certified Japanese green tea powder that has an almost endless amount of health benefits. Adding Matcha into your daily routine is as simple as drinking a cup of tea in the morning! (You can even make delicious and gorgeous Matcha Lattes- check our recipes!) You will be surprised to see and feel the difference in your body from just 1 cup of Matcha daily! Here are some of the amazing health benefits that…

    • Teami ALIVE

      $ 19.99 $ 13.99

      Have you ever found yourself feeling “dead”, with zero energy to get motivated in your day to day life? Do you get sick on and off, not finding a permanent solution to your physical issues?

      Many of us do! Teami Alive helps give your body the boost in nutrients and vitamins that it needs to heal itself, therefore ridding you of the “sluggish, dead feeling” that seems to consume your days.

    • Teami ENERGY

      $ 29.99 $ 20.99
      Do you find yourself drinking multiple cups of coffee throughout the day and still feeling tired? Say “Goodbye!” to coffee and “Hello!” to Teami Energy!
      Teami Energy was developed to help you feel energized, active and ready to take on the day by using only the highest grade, All-natural ingredients. These 6 plant-based ingredients are handpicked to provide you with:
      Rich antioxidants,  Vitamins A, B complex, C, D, E ,  Potassium  ,  Magnesium
    • Teami FOCUS

      $ 29.99 $ 20.99
      What stops people from achieving their goals, aspirations or just simply completing all the daily tasks they set out for themselves?
      The individuals themselves.
      The truth is, Life is Hectic. Sometimes it gets hard to FOCUS. When people can’t think clearly, they can’t operate effectively.
    • Teamí RELAX

      $ 29.99 $ 20.99

      Having trouble sleeping?

      Is your mind is still racing at the end of the day?

      Teami Relax contains 5 soothing ingredients: Lavender Flower ,Chamomile, Lemon grass, Orange peel, Valerian Root extract. These plants help relax tight muscles and reduce insomnia. Teami Relax contains potassium, calcium and vitamin B which strengthen the immune system, prevent colds, flus and a variety of other illnesses. Teami Relax is caffeine-free and should be consumed right before bed.


    • Teami SKINNY

      $ 29.99 $ 20.99
      In order for the body to look good, it has to feel good. Teami Skinny tea combines a unique blend of all natural ingredients.
      Teami Skinny does not produce a laxative effect – you can drink as many cups as you like!
      Our Teami Skinny is the morning blend that you drink when you wake up! Replace your morning cup of coffee with a healthy and delicious cup of Teami Skinny which can help boost metabolism, raise energy and suppress cravings! This is the first step to doing our detox!
    • TeaMí Colon Cleanser

      $ 24.49 $ 17.14

      TeaMí Colon Cleanser is specially prepared to clean the body from the inside out. Our product cleans the organs and at the same time eliminates any toxin from the digestive tract from contamination, chemicals and processed foods. The accumulation of toxins in the colon can prevent adequate absorption of nutrients, which, among many problems, usually affect weight loss. TeaMí Colon Cleanser removes these toxins from the body, strengthens the immune system and makes you feel better than ever.

    • Teami PROFIT

      $ 29.99 $ 20.99

      Your body is your temple and deserves to profit from all that nature has to offer. Natural tea allows the body to rejuvenate from the inside out, gaining a strong internal foundation. For centuries, tea has been used in alternative medicine to treat everything from cancer to constipation. The human body needs to have all the necessary vitamins and minerals in order to protect itself against infection and illness.

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